Save-A-Penny Films focuses on dramatic and comedic content in long and short form stories about the human condition. The focus of content is the struggles and triumphs of family life. The major theme of content is the belief that the joy of life is in the journey – wherever you are on the roller-coaster of life, the journey should always be treasured.

Completed works and accompanying scripts and excerpts.

Trailers, drafts, things yet to come.

Kevin Sockwell

Kevin Sockwell is a writer, filmmaker, teaching artist, actor, and director based in the Washington, D.C. area.

After many years as a professional actor, Kevin returned to the D.C. area to dedicate his life to being a mental health counselor working with many types of clients over several decades, especially those suffering from addictions. His range of experiences has given him a unique point of view, and he centers his filmmaking and writing around family relationships, mental health, and the human condition.

He can also be found watching a movie or two, in a bookstore buying yet another book he doesn’t need – especially if it’s about the Civil War -, and directing a community theatre show instead of sleeping.


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